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*NEW* Boltswitch Arc Energy Reduction Relays and Switches!

NEC 240.67 Compliance & NFPA 70E Electrical Safety

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  • Since our first switch pole was filed out by hand back in 1953, BOLTSWITCH has continually contributed to the science of switch building.
  • We originally set out to build a better 400 amp switch, realizing that knife switches were being outmoded and breakers have limited interrupted capabilities.
  • The original 400 amp switch performed well in tests and led us right into 600, 800 and 1200 amp and the 30 through 200 amp sizes.
  • Our small switches out performed any switch on the market.  We provided the industry's first UL listed switch marked as to its suitability for use on circuits having high available fault currents.
  • Our proven principals were then applied to larger ampacity switches.  We were the first with Quick-Make, Quick-Break operators on all sizes of switches through 4000 amperes.
  • Our large switches were the first to pass the UL tests at 600 volts.
  • We were the first with a Shunt-Trip operator.
  • We have invested an extraordinary amount of time, money and thought into our design and test programs, and the switches we produce are unique, in the true sense of the word.
  • Though our interest in safety may at times exceed our interest in sales, we have been able to grow with a feeling of satisfaction.
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