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Suggested Specification

  • The main switch and branch switches shall be of the fusible bolted pressure type with a maximum ampacity as shown on the drawings. Switches shall be dead front and equipped with Quick-Make, Quick-Break, tease-proof operators. An insulated bar will be used to connect the operator mechanism to the crossbar in order to keep ground potential out of the arcing zone. The operating handle shall have provisions for padlocking in the open position with at least three padlocks.
  • Face barrier must be transparent to allow visible blades. Optional viewing windows may be provided in enclosure fronts.
  • Switches rated 1200 amp and larger shall be capable of accepting fuses of smaller ampere rating so fuses can be sized to the actual load allowing for optimum response during an arc flash event. Switches rated 1200 amp and larger shall also be capable of being equipped with a shunt trip mechanism suitable for use with optional arc flash mitigation system equipment.
  • Every switch must have a NRTL label and shall be marked as suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering 200,000 RMS symmetrical amperes.

All bolted pressure contact switches shall be manufactured by BOLTSWITCH, INC., a wholly owned subsidiary of SOCOMEC.